Another Brick in the Wall

Oh, better today. Just in time for the both the weather and the drivers to unpick the stitching on my Santa sack of hopes.
Still, I’ll maybe be cough and snotter-free in another day or so and the roads will be better/worse and I can/can’t get to Kinlochleven before it all thaws and trees start budding for Spring and whatnot on Saturday/ freezes like it’s another ice age.
Got some stuff done today, hopefully more done tomorrow, but Jimmy went one better, he built Holly an igloo.

8 thoughts on “Another Brick in the Wall”

  1. Crackin :-)

    Looks like she’s having a great time – way better than my attempts at getting from Ayrshire to Anniesland by public transport today. I gave up when I couldn’t get out the city center but at least managed to get back to the warmth of Steve’s hoose

    By all accounts there will still be plenty of snow to play in by the weekend :-)

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