And so this is Christmas?

cf1It’s been a very busy week. I am seriously weary, but when we got in from wrestling pipework today the first thing I thought about was heading into town to visit the Christmas Fair in George Square. It turned out to be a very good idea for me and the girls with Granny and Grandpa too.
St Enoch Square has the international food stalls which we just caught and we got some German stuff in tubs, pork I had, I think, and sliced tatties. Lovely.
We meandered to George Square where there was candy floss, hot chocolate and hot donuts, a wee shot on the train for Holly with the highlight being me and the girl going down the Helter Skelter together to much squealing and cries of Again! Again! at the bottom.
I started this week with a day in a thousand on Ben Donich and I’ve ended it on a perfect note that’ll ring out for a wee while yet.

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