And again

I was going through the hunners of photies from yesterday and this one made me smile. It’s from the Lang Craigs looking over Dumbarton towards Inverclyde (honest). I just love the way that fence looks as if it’s disappearing into the abyss.

Also, I’m officially finshed work for ’07 now. Saw my last customer today and that was to plan January’s doings. It’s my favourite stuff, pipes and radiators of various vintage, the most recent being pre First World War. What I’ve got to do is get it to work 2008-style without it looking 2008-style. Nae bother, the men in trousers brown will have it in the new year, with gusto, aplomb and indeed hootspah.

As a self employed type, having work to go back to in the new year is important for morale. It has not always been so.

4 thoughts on “And again”

  1. Nice photo,one of those scenes that lets the imagination wander a little,good stuff.Hey that plumbing you mentioned sounds like my house,a mixture of ancient pipework altered beyond recognition over the years,some of it by it seems a blind plumber with limited use of his hands…and brain!
    Managed a few hours in the hills this morning.Got myself up into the foothills of the black mountain and a visit to the tumbledown ramparts of ‘garn goch’ iron age hillfort,a magical place today what with the valley below filled with mist and just the tops of the wooded hills poking their way through,looking like little islands from an avalonian scene.
    Temperature stayed at around the zero mark and the ground underfoot was nice and firm on the western slopes.Watching the red kites and buzzards overhead being mobbed by crows was well worth the walk,brilliant.Will get myself out onto the bigger stuff at some point over the holidays(no more work ’till the new year for me) so plenty of time for that.

  2. Sounds excellent. I love finding wee bits of history like that. There’s an iron age fort site near where I took the photies, but it’s in the quarry grounds and you can’t get at it.

    Far up north there are brochs dotted about which are fscinating, some still have a lot of features left, doors fireplaces, steps and the like and some are just a vague circle of rubble.
    If the weather is bad on the tops, we end going to look for that kind of stuff instead.

    Sounds like you had a good day, nice one :o)

  3. Garn goch is one of the largest hillforts around here,still plenty of the stone ramparts to be seen,must have been a hell of an achievement for them to build it,even 2 of the gateways are still visible.Them brochs look awesome,a trip up north is on the cards for next year possibly.As well as taking in some of the hills,a visit to Scara brae is also planned.
    I have an unhealthy passion and interest for all things old,be they standing stones,castles,ruined farmhouses…even ancient rusty agricultural machinery…much to my other halfs apparent disgust(we all know she loves tractors really!).

  4. When we climbed the Ben Lawers horseshoe from the east side I came back with more photies of the ruined mill and the waterwheel I found on the track than photies of the hills :o)

    We tried to get to Scara Brae a couple of years back, but the weather left us in Thurso for a couple of days and we didn’t make it across. So that’s still on the to-do list for us as well. It looks amazing.

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