An ordinary day.

It started will something usual for us, making something from nothing, or at least making something from the unexpected. Joycee’s been running a kids workshop in the village hall this week and the wee yins have made a spooky pirate world for the Halloween party next week.
Yesterday started slow so Jimmy started putting the ship together, but we had some volunteers and today the hall was full of happy and industrous hands and smiling faces. All the cardboard is outdoor related, the treasure chest has a huge Montane logo on the back. Genius.
Kids love this stuff, all they need is the adults to get off their arses to bring them along.

I then had a lost afternoon of food and banter and planning in town before sitting in more heavy rain and slow moving traffic on the way home. It’s not bad weather and/or roadworks that causes traffic chaos, its stupid bastards in cars. Selfish and aggressive, two differing approaches that guarantee a standstill. Folk in the queue that stick to the bumper in front and queue jumpers racing towards the lines of cones. Piss off both of you. If we all did the same speed and left room in front two lanes of traffic would merge into one and no one would have to slow down much at all. I wish it was all like a big Scalextric track with somebody working the controls, Jesus or whoever, then I could catch up on my correspondence on the journey instead of looking out the window and shaking my head at one dick after another.

After dinner at Granny and Grandpa’s we had to go shopping. Considering how much outdoor gear we have, none of us had a waterproof, so the only place we saw that we could get in and stay dry was McDonalds. Bread and milk? Cuppas and muffin will do.
It’s wet, there’s flooding, but it’s kinda nice all the same. The day’s not done either.

2 thoughts on “An ordinary day.”

  1. So, the nice weather is gone it seems :-) Have you had any snow yet?

    BTW, did you get my message? I used the contact form but I’m not sure I did it right…


  2. There is snow on the tops. I cancelled my trip this week as I’ve got the cold, but with the crap weather is was a good move. It’ll get better, the sun will come back!

    Never got a message, the contact form can be a little unreliable, but I’ve just updated it, so all should be well now.

    But, I have your email address in the users list, so I’ll email you in a minute!

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