An informal occasion

I’m wild camping in the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park in that photie above.
That’s something that is very dear to me indeed, the freedom of the hills. But although access legislation gives us a legal right to be there, how we conduct ourselves and how we treat the ground on which we walk and camp is what gives us the moral right to return.
We all know the score, leave nothing but footprints and a slightly faded patch of grass, send nothing but tweets or pings and take nothing but photies and stories to last a lifetime. And nice wee stone for the fireplace.

The Loch Lomond camping ban is now in the machinery, what the label reads when the can drops onto the conveyor belt, we’ll see in due course.
In the mean time, the wild camping project with the Park folk is happening next week. The BBC and the Daily Record are spending the night (somewhere in that shot below…) with Geoff and Grant from Park HQ, Stu who’ll be filming it, and myself. We’ll be looking at everything from where to pitch, cooking, safety and why everyone should be wearing trail shoes…
I’ve been kitting out the team with packs, tents and more, so there’ll be no overladen DofE lookielikies, and I’m hopeful that we’ll have a good time out/up there.
The message? It’ll be something different for all the participants, and I’ll cover that later next week.
But, I know already what I’ll be saying.

I’ll always be wild camping in the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park, just like in that photie above.

7 thoughts on “An informal occasion”

  1. A huge “thank you” *PTC for representing your virtual ‘constituency’ on this issue.

    This an excellent approach you’re taking on behalf of those who treasure our remaining wildernesses and simply want to respectfully experience them in all their moods, in all seasons and at any time. Have a good one…

    Beautiful photos!

  2. I was just reading on the Grough site that police had recently seized 50 litres of alcohol from a bunch of 40-odd teens in Manse Bay. Obviously not going light weight :)

    I’ll be looking forward to your write up on this little project, and as a first time poster, greetings from the NE Highland county of Caithness! :)

  3. Gable, thanks for those words.
    I wanted to do something positive, and I hope this it.

    Both shots are from a glorious morning in Beinn Narnain :o)

    Hi Gordon, beautiful place you’re in!

    There’s been more trees cut down at Sallochy in the past couple of weeks and someone got either 13 or 15 stitches. Pished informal campers.

    The plans are underway and money has been spend on facilities on this area lochside, I’ll cover all this stuff and more next week.

  4. Loch Tummel is just as bad, I was up there the other day and got properly pissed off walking along the south edge – loads of prats lounging around with Tennents cans in the midst of a complete tip of broken tents and sweetie wrappers. Another bit I walked past had FIVE (5) smouldering fire pits within a 15ft radius. I mean, what the hell?! Boils my blood to think that someone might associate me with that because I have a pack on my back. Not to mention the hooley at night-time which I could hear from miles away up on the hills.

    Anything that sorts out us decent types from the common or garden arsehole is brilliant in my book. Good luck next week!

  5. Thanks Sid, I’ve checked the weather and Monday should be okay, so Tuesday can do what it likes as it’s just the walk-out!

    I remember walking into Sallochy when I was coming down the WHW and it was just the same as you describe above.

  6. Not sure if I can get away from work but will pack kit in the car and boost up after work.
    Just text me the grid ref where you will be.

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