Alpkit Skyehigh Alpkid 250 Down Sleeping Bag

Gone are the days when Alpkit were the new kids on the block and the thorn in the side of the other manufacturers with their sarcastically low prices. Now they’re a regular brand with a wide range of kit and they’re also now going where other brands fear to tread, the world of proper tech kit for kids. In for Holly to test is the Skyehigh Alpkid 250 Down Sleeping Bag.

Sleeping bag, storage and stuffsack. No messing with the format, no corners cut, no patronising of the occupant in any way, it’s a proper sleeping bag downsized for kids.
We’ve got an imminent camping trip with some new kids (and other) kit where this will be the star as Holly will spend her first night in a tent in it. I’m feeling pretty confident, although there’s room for her to grow in it, it’s still a slim-ish fit for good insulation and it lofts well enough with 250g of 600+ fill 95/5 down. The hood is well shaped, there’s a fat draught collar and the inner and outer are nylon, a soft Tactel inner which does feel nice and a ripstop outer. The zip is full length, baffled and easy to work both by sleepy parents and panicky kids screaming “Where am I get me out of here Waahhhh!” in the middle of the night.

Proper update coming up, but as you can see the wee yin’s made herself at home already.

8 thoughts on “Alpkit Skyehigh Alpkid 250 Down Sleeping Bag”

  1. Better than the rectangular sleeping back I had as a wee yin of Inglewood Market.
    Can’t help feeling it’s the sort of thing a grandparent who wild camps and want’s to take one of the grandchildren might buy… as opposed to a parent, who’d just think “they’ll grow out of that too quick.”

  2. Aye, with accusations of “You’re just spoiling them” from the parents.
    The sizing of the bag is good though, it’ll do Holly for a few years. When I think back to my days as a cub scout under a tarp in a forest in the 70’s I’m not envious at all, oh no.

  3. What?! She hasn’t slept in a tent yet? What were you waiting for? I had my first night in a tent when I was 2 months old. There really is no excuse for this…

  4. I’ve only got one person tents…

    Actually that’s nearly true, I’ve got a couple of two person tents and that’s me for sociable camping.
    However, I have sitting here a test sample of an Alpkit Heska which is bigger than our living room :o)

  5. You mean to say you couldn’t fit a two month old in a Laser Competition with you in it?

  6. Petesy – just about to buy one of these for my 2yo son. Is there anything else on the market that’s better now? I have Googled etc, but there don’t seem to be many comparisons, or I’m using the wrong terms. Either way, a personal recommendation is always a winner. Cheers.

  7. I’m always looking at the kids gear when I get the press releases in in case there’s anything that’ll suit Holly better, but the Alpkit bag is a bout as good as I’ve seen.
    It’s a proper down bag, just made small, simple as that. The best recommendation I can give it is that I’m happy to let my girl kip in it :o)

    It’s money well spend as well, it’s got scope for growth as it’s a good length and if looked after it’ll last for many years.
    Besides, down prices are going mental with rises every few weeks, buying now is a good plan.

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