Alpkit Pipedream 400

What’s this unexpectedly sneaking out of the shadows here? Alpkit’s Pipedream 400 down bag is what.

I’ve used a Pipedeam 600 in the past and found it a decent bag with a couple of niggles. This is the latest version which they’ve let me have a shot of, there’s been some wee tweaks here and there, as well as a new shell fabric. It lofts well straight out of the bag, weight is okay and the sizing is nice and slim.

I’ve been asked to compare this bag to every other bag out there, it’ll be interesting to be able to do just that. More later.

15 thoughts on “Alpkit Pipedream 400”

  1. It’ll be interesting to see the results of this test,its a very popular bag at the moment or so it seems.I’ve spoken to a few people recently that speak very highly of the pipedream 400,but it’ll be nice to see it compared directly with other similar products.
    A new bag for this coming autumn/winter is on my shopping list and this one was at the top of my list for the combination of weight,packed size and price,will be looking forward to your review.

  2. I’ll need to watch what I say, I could get lyched. The Alpit versus Retail battle is as hotly contested on the forums as the Akto versus LaserComp one :o)

  3. Used some Alpkit stuff, the carbon fibre trekking poles started well but fell apart. Quality control is a concern with me; the limit of 6’1 on sleeping bags also puts me of. But the main one with their sleeping bags is what is new or so good and worth recommending compared to Cumulus or Rab for example. Maybe they could make a quilt bag like Nunatak?

    As for the Akto vs LaserComp long may it continue I’m only getting warmed up on that one

  4. Martin, the new PD 400 is excellent. The new shaped hood is perfect for me. I have an old style PD 600 and I think both the new shape and the material are improvements. I also have a Cumulus Ultralight 350, which weighs the same. In my view the PD 400 is a better bag. The loft is better, it has a draught collar and has a more roomy footbox. The Cumulus is a good bag (I really like the trapeziodal baffles) but overall the PD is better. I haven’t tried Rab so I can’t give you an opinion. My only observation is that the PD 400 is lighter than the equivalent Rab bag.

  5. I use Alpkit tent pegs all the time, the long aluminium stakes and titanium V-pegs. Generic kit, but very good.
    I’ve just bean having a look at the PD400 and comparing the finish and stitching to various others, and there are differences. I’m more worried about the performance though, as are the other manufactures who’ve made bags to compete with the PDs.

    Talking of quilt bags, there’s a BigAgnes Pitch Pine arriving sometime in the next couple of weeks. That’s pretty scary light and quilted. I like different :o)

  6. I was talking across you there Robin. The closest I’ve got to the PD400 at the moment is the ME Xero 350.
    I’ve always fancied the Cumulus bags, and I haven’t found Rab to that exciting. The AR top bag really surprised me, I think it’s great.

  7. Robin looking at the spec I see an upgrade, not sure it offers more than say my current Marmot Atom? Any way Loft is the issue and I hope PTC you go by the method of measuring the Loft vs warmth not the claimed temperature recommendation. I like your pointing out finishing etc. On kit review in general I often notice that in Trail or TGO they pick the best in there view etc, yet don’t often make recommendations on how the tent of jacket for example could be improved unlike reviews on Backpacking On that point PTC will you on the comparing the PD bag for Alpkit feed back improvements to them only, or put it in the public domain.

  8. If you are going to do an article on a few of these bags, could you do a photo of them in their packed state, next to an item we can compare the size to, say a DVD case or something? Dimensions given by a manufacturer are never easy to picture in real life.
    I’m thinking of getting a PD400 , but then there’s always the possibility of a PHD sale again. Being skint gives you time to choose!

  9. Martin, anything I find out when I’m using the kit goes on here and back to the supplier as well. I’ll never keep anything back, luckily the kit has all been various degrees of good so far.
    Kit that I’ve got in for R&D testing I just don’t feature at all, I’ll wait ’til I get a production version and take that apart :o)

    shuttleworth, that’s a good idea with the sizing thing. I’ve got a couple of things on their way, so I’ll do that once I’ve got them all here.

  10. On the R&D side get them to put in longer length options etc, so tall folks like me might buy one if it is better than what I have at the moment.


  11. Not guilty on R&D for Alpkit I’m afraid, or any sleeping bag folk actually.
    I would like to stick my oar in there with a few companies making them though.

  12. Interesting point that, consider that say BPL on reviews have made suggestions for a while now and often things get mentioned on the web yet companies seem slow to take on board what the customer wants. Don’t now if you subscribe to BPL as their Rab Top Bag makes a good read along with the very long SPoT review. Just wonder if the companies read it and listen.

  13. I think they do listen, but then the bean counters get involved and curb their enthusiasm for change and development.
    Overseas manufacture slows development right down as well.

    Smaller companies probably manage better. OMM react very fast indeed for example.

    PHD will probably win that contest though!

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