Alpkit Jeanius

No matter how hard she tried, Holly couldn’t get the water to soak into the fabric on Alpkit’s Jeanius jeans…”Pah!” she said.
And she’s not wrong. Cotton they may be, but the Epic treatment makes them something else, a new form of life, a xeno-pant, a mutant hybrid if you will.
Epic is very good, I’ve used it on bike trousers to good effect for years and there’s going to be more of it about next year from the outdoor brands.
The jeans themselves look great and are just how I like them, baggy arsed and a wee bit too long. Yes, I look just like a 40 year old skater.
All we need now is some stupid bastard to wear them up a hill to check their mountain credentials…

I’ve got some other bits and pieces in for test from Alpkit as well. They’re a clever bunch, and cheery with it. They’re looking ahead and it’s going to be interesting to see what happens.

Now, will I have to wear gaiters with baggy denim…

19 thoughts on “Alpkit Jeanius”

  1. Mine arrived half an hour too late to get a soaking last Friday in Langdale. Someone else with us that weekend got a pair and what impressed me was that not only did they not get wet, they didn’t get dirty either. Students will be queing round the block for them :-)

    Sadly, when I got mine on, they are way too big, so they’ve gone back. And they are out of stock for the forseeable.

  2. Aye, I think they were taken by surprise at how popular they were. The look is good indeed.
    What I want from them next is Epic fabric combat pants.

  3. Even though they’re not doing a girl fit til next year I took a chance and ordered a mens pair, fit is a bit long and baggy, but they’re proving to be a good bit of kit. Shed water and mud really well, seams are all in the right place to make them OK for riding a bike in too.

  4. im liking my pair too, great fit, great water repellancy and the looks on peoples faces when you tell them they are waterproof are priceless

  5. Moggy, I was away fixing boilers in them today. Very well they did too.

    Steve, I’m trying out some stuff so it might be a bit weird in here for a bit. I like this new look, but some stuff doesn’t work right on it, so we shall see….

  6. I wanted purple. But the photie formattingin the posts is all buggered, the Flickr RSS widget makes the page about 3 feet wide and there’s other niggles.
    I’ll take it down again and work on it I think.

  7. Ahhhhh thats better the tangerine has returned. Bit scary all black and lilac.Too much time at the computer when you had the lurgy, get in them thar mountains now, sunset orange is far far more distinctive. Obviously us older ones can’t handle sudden change like we used to. Now, where are my moleskin trousers!!

  8. I’ll admit I really like the look of this version, but it’s got limitations and some of the detail is annoying.
    I’m pondering what to do next…

  9. the only things that i feel let them down is the back pockets being very shallow and not having a way for the water to escape, and that as much as i like button flies on jeans its maybe not the best idea on waterproof jeans lol

  10. Hamish wore then on the OM Brecon Beacons meet last weekend, but the weather was too good to test their waterproofness… They look great and I want some. Unfortunately Alpkit only seem to have done them in men’s :-(

  11. Ach, go for the (desperately searches for a relevant and up to date popular culture reference…) Avril Lavigne skater chick look and wear them baggy.

    What, she’s gone glam? I don’t know then, I tried.

  12. tangerine was nice. but the new site had a good resolution and you could see alot more on the screen. nice layout etc. no help if the content was up the creek though!

    Good luck with this, as ever!

  13. It’ll come together…slowly. I like the writing and the photies and the gear and that, but I’m not awfully good at the mechanics of it all :o)

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