Alpkit Airo 120

Alpkit have launched a comprehensive new range of sleepmats, and just in for test is their lightweight option, the Airo 120.

I’ve been using fat mats for ages, but as I’m bivying any minute I was going back to a full length self-inflator until Alpkit stepped in with this wee bugger.
It’s got a ¾ length at 120cm, decent width at 51cm at the top end and the packed weight was only 3g more than the site’s average of 439g.
The nylon ripstop fabric used on both sides feels robust and it’s sealed at the edge with a nice wide seam. The valve is the standard chunky affair and the mat does assert itself quite well on it’s own when you open it up and leave it. A few lungfuls in there and it’s a surfboard.
It come in a nice wee ripstop bag with a webbing squasher on it to make it slightly smaller at one end…
It looks good, the nice chilli red colour endeared me to it immediately, and going over it, it just doesn’t feel “budget” at all.
I’ll have this on a hill in the next few days, so I”l have more to say in a wee while.

Most brands run training events, coaching trips for journos and shop staff and the like, Alpkit being Alpkit have a do that’s open to everyone, it’s on 1st July, and it’s in their own words below.

Our Big Shake Out event is based on the edge of Sheffield and is running alongside Cliffhanger. This event has never had camping facilities, so this year we are providing a campsite 15 mins walk from their site. It means that people can come and look around the event, but not waste a weekend as they will also have a convenient base from which to head out into the Peaks. We will be providing 3 nights camping, a Friday film night, Saturday live music, licensed bar, kitchen. 
Basically the idea is that if you wanted to spend the weekend in the peaks, then this would be a great chance for a party, do what you want during the day, go to Cliffhanger if you want and basically chill out with some like minded people. So this is Climbing, Biking, Walking, whatever takes your fancy. 

7 thoughts on “Alpkit Airo 120”

  1. Must admit that I am a bit of an Alpkit junkie – I’ve got lots of their kit from socks to tent pegs. I’ve just spent 4 nights in an Alpkit bag, two of which were on their old Airic mats (the other two were in Alltbethie youth hostel where you need the bag not the mat). I like their attitude and their value

  2. As I always say, they’re a clever bunch!

    The kit’s always decent, that Gamma hewadtorch was my first choice for ages, but now with more design imput they’re going to get better.

  3. I’ve still never gotten around to upgrading my old Alpkit bags and Wee airic still makes an appearance every now and then. I cannae get my bag to loft and have a fat mat in my MLD non waterproof bivy (the one for the tarp or occasionally under the SL3). I can happily get a fat mat in the 3 wire though as I did again on Fri night.

    What bivy you using that’s forcing you to go back to a self inflator?

  4. Oh aye I forgot the Gamma is a regular here too…they reallly do some great budget kit.

    I look forward too seeing the tent’s of theirs. When you getting them in for test?

    Oh and when are we having a 3 wire meet…in old school orange of course ;o)

  5. The bivy bag’s a Terra Nova Discovery Lite, there’s barely enough room in it for me without a bag or mat… The Three Wire is indeed luxury in comparison.
    We will have a meet, the photo’s will be funny, like orange slugs racing or something.

    Tents? I am burdened with secrets once again there, they have stuff and things on the way.

    Anothyer point about the selft inflator was that it should be less easily damaged if I end up using on the bare ground.

  6. Graboids you mean…surely!

    It’s funny you’re doing the bivy thing just now. This weather of late and from reading Mr Turnbulls book is why I bought the 3 wire, so far I’m really rating the wee orange bag.

    I’ve also got another bivy related thing happening at the moment which will be interesting no matter which way it turns out…more shall be revealed later.

  7. Be advised there are still two motherhumpers…

    Bivying is better in the Three Wire, oh aye. I shall await your revealling!

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