All grown up

It came round so quick, it was always on the horizon, it was never something to worry about and then suddenly we’re running around trying to get her to eat her Frosties while looking for a permanent marker to put her name on her jacket and pleating her hair while she’s laughing at Spongebob.
It’s Holly’s first day at school and when I hit the pier and disembark I’m quite sure I’m going to collapse on the boardwalk and I won’t even feel the sack barra’ with the big wooden trunk on it when it rolls over my head.
The girl? She’s in the zone already, she’ll be alright. Alright! even.

7 thoughts on “All grown up”

  1. I’m right there with you. Millie’s first day is on Tuesday next week. I got a wee lump in my throat when she put all her new school gear on. She’s totally stoked, but me and mum will be struggling.

  2. Hope she enjoys School. But have they not spelt Macfarlane wrong? Did you have words with them about that?

  3. I remember my first day all those years ago, it was hell. Leather Angus Young style school bag, flares, blazer and 70,s hair. Schools look much better now though : )

  4. She’ll be fine! It’s us parents that do the worrying. Besides, she’s the daughter of an outdoorsy type, known for their resilience.
    Then……. before you know it, you’ll be in my position…..
    first year at Uni, and all growed up!!
    Enjoy watching her grow.

  5. Good grief! Doesn’t seem that long since she was born. Where does the time go? :o(

    My youngest came in yesterday with his ST’s and hi-viz vest. His first full-time employment starts tomorrow. That’s a bitter-sweet one, I can tell ye.

  6. She did well, there was a little relief blowout once we got home, but the girl did good.
    Day two today and she’s away happy enough again in a red duffle coat, “Dad I wish it was winter”. That’s my girl.

    The Macfarlane spelling will be addressed, having suffered endless arguments at school about it, I’ll try and help her avoid the same.

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