Alexander Mackendrick

I don’t mind if someone makes a mistake and breaks something, it’s a thing we all do. What I don’t like is when folk don’t give a shit and break something. I fitted some pipework earlier in the year, it was tricky to do, with multiple bends and angles and I was stand back-hand on hips-pleased when I finished it.
A bunch of builders have spend the past few weeks dropping masonry on it and knocked the shit out it. It’s all burst and needs replaced. The client is not amused, and aye, it’s a nice wee job for me to fix it, but that’s not really the point.
It brings back another instance where the painters came in over a weekend on another job and painted everything, pipework, radiators (including all the brand new thermostatic controls, instantly rendering them landfill), packaging, tool boxes… Their instructions were “Everything the same colour”. There’s taking an imperative to it’s logical conclusion and then there’s taking the piss.
Then another time we had cleaners who came onto a site and threw all the tools, fittings, workbenches and the like in a skip because they were told to “clear the place up”.

I recently discovered that my reaction to such items and even those further up the scale of annoyance is changing. Where anger and arm waving would have been employed, now I wear a wry smile and push a chunk of dismay around the plate at the end of the fork I use to poke at reality from arms length.
Hey, I’ve been a commited interventionist in my time and I’ve gotten nowhere. Holly is already cleverer that me, she can take the world on and a give it a proper slap in a few years time.

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  1. There is something to be said for setting things right or getting even without breaking sweat or raising your heart rate, even just taking a step back and viewing the worth and consequence of any involvement has made a big difference. Family life changed all my priorities.

    Oh, but tearing someone’s wing mirror off is such a rush :o)

  2. We went for the final, 36 week, scan for our little boy, Markus. Due date October 14th. Family life beckons and hell yes, it changed my priorities too.

    On another note – think I noted you saw the new Montane Spektr. Thoughts? I should stop being so gear-geeky as my Haglöfs LIM Ozone is still a fantastic jacket but the Spektr looks rather nice.

    Secondly, (sorry to digress off post) – need some winter pants for mountain walking in Scotland and the Alps in 2011. Rab Fusion and ME G2 Ultimate Mountain Pant seem like good choices. Any others I should be considering…?

  3. Fantastic. I remember our last scan, teary-eyed I was. Holly’s 3 in November and it’s been the best part of my life. You’ll have some wonderful times ahead.

    I still need to get a proper shot of a Spektr, I keep forgetting to sort out my Montane visit, timely reminder as I need lighweight test kit for a feature I’m doing in three weeks.
    The LIM Ozone is a belter, I’ve got a wire in my hood, easy to do with a hot iron and a bit of optimism.

    Digression is good, the last couple of years I’ve switched around a pair of Haglofs Omni’s and a pair of Patagonie Backcountry Guides. Both have been killer winter pants, good over shorts or longjohns, very weather resistant, the Patagonias have pully waterproof knees and arse. Both have braces which I like as I can leave the waistbelt loose for extra layers and sitting in a tent for the twelve hourse of winter darlness!
    The Rab’s will be a good choice, I lioke the fit, but ME pants just don’t fit me, too narrow and short of leg.
    Mammut are a good bet, I’ve got older versiions, but they do a brilliant range of sizes and leg lengths.

  4. Then you are passing the torch.

    I was young and fairly apathetic when we met. There was little that moved me to intervene. All the years of stakeouts and adventures has resulted in me becoming what you had just finished being.

    With my Jimmy Cuff to guide me a now extensive list of possible responses to the behaviour of retards, mostly acquired from you, I wait my opportunity to observe the suit in the Merc running a red to turn left, nearly hitting a pedestrian in the process, dumping my cuppa and punching him in the face as hard as I can.

  5. Thinking of the incident you mention, that was something I couldn’t let go, it was a Wrong of Hugeness and I had to level the score a little. I wonder if preseted with a similar incident what my reaction would be now?
    There’s been nothing that has outraged me so much as that for a long time, maybe I’m subconsciously avoiding it?
    Never confuse defensive behaviour with apathy though, it’s more that the brakes work better now.

    Carry the torch high. And swing it mightily.

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