AKU Slope GTX, a quick shufty

I’m no footwear facist. I accept that boots have a window of opportunity in which to excell, and I’m here to rub some Windolene on the double glazing of shoe confusion.
There are boots that are light, light enough for me to offer no reasonable resistance to wearing them in the right circumstances except “because”. 


I’ve been using Keens, Inov8s, Icebugs and most recently the Hi-Tec sci-fi’s, all of which have a definite booty flavour. The AKU Slopes are even more booty again, with quite a high ankle cuff and styling not unlike the original Karrimor KSB’s.
They’re properly light, as was much of the AKU range, but I liked the aggressive sole on these. Looks like it might bite into snow?

The fit’s good, they’ve got a nice rolling action under the foot, we’ve got a Gore-Tex liner and a sturdy toe box.
As the weather continues it’s downward spiral into damp despair I’ll get these out and about. They fit the aluminium Kahtoola crampons as well, and that’s something I’m looking forward to seeing; How all these “three season” boots cope with my four season feet.

More later.

12 thoughts on “AKU Slope GTX, a quick shufty”

  1. Big fan of Aku – wore the Spider Kevlars all last winter, and the Suiterra Injected since April this year. Very interested to read your thoughts on the Slopes.

  2. Could be this constant rain…the drumming of raindrops on the slates above finally sent me over the edge…

    As long as they’re light, I’ll give them a shot. I’ve got waterproof mids coming from other folk as well, I need to try other stuff to make sure I’ve not driven my 18-wheeler down Opinion Cul-de-Sac and can’t get back out :o)

    In saying that I’ve got the new Inov8 212 X-talons on their way. 212g? That’s scary light that is.

  3. I noticed in a certain outdoor shop in Norwich the other Day, they had hundreds of AKU boots in. I’ll scope them out and have a look.

    PS how is the sleeping bag comparison thingy, coming on. I am thinking of getting a new light bag rated to 0c, just what one…don’t like the Atom I have, and the Lightline is a tad heavy outside winter. Suggestions welcome.

  4. Martin, I still have in mind my stuff-sack comparison test for the bags…I’ll get around to it :o)
    To be honest I can’t fault any of the down bags I’ve had in. I’m learning to divorce my personal preference on features from the actual performance, so when it comes down to it if the weight’s right, the temperature rating is good and the shape suits you it’s difficult to get it very wrong.
    Generally though; PHD=best warmth to weight and packsize; MontBell=best general comfort, BigAgnes=like being at home in your own bed; Alpkit=works fine just not sexy; Mountain Equipment Xeros=just behing Montbell for comfort; Rab=Alpkit; Marmot=Big Agnes if it weren’t a top bag?!
    A big factor is sleepmats, I’ve used the variation there to fine tune my sleepkit for the conditions. Easy when you’ve got the choice of course!

    holdfast, I’ve got the x-talons in front of me now. It’s as close to glueing a grippy sole unit onto my foot as I’ve come…
    Photies an’ that in a bit.

  5. I’m thinking RAB Quantum Endurance 250, the guys at Tower Ridge reckon my 6’2 frame be fine in the normal size. It has a higher fill rating then say the Xero 250, and a better shell material. I will think it over and then spend my bonus. Have fun.

  6. The Rab Quantum range is a kind of benchmark, you know you’re going to be okay in one.
    The Xero 250 is on the limit for my six foot height as well. It’s neater than the other Xeros.

    I don’t think I’ve written them up? Adds to the list… :o)

  7. Waterproof boots? Hmm, I’m very sceptical, which is a shame as I’d love to find some. But another pair have just bitten the dust (the Roclite 390s) after far too little wear. I don’t know if it’s down to grit, or flexing, or taping-failure but something always seems to make them leak very quickly (4 pairs between MoS and I this year!) It seems that membranes in a light construction just won’t last reliably.
    Of course membranes in a heavier construction may last better, but then they’re plain unnecessary – the best boots I ever had were leather outer, leather lining, no membrane, and they kept my feet dry for 6 years :)) Only the 1.4kg weight penalty goes against them…

  8. I tried a pair of AKU Icaro Gtx today in Outdoor Warehouse. The women’s 8&1/2 in a nice shade of blue fitted me well and they were reduced to £55….

    I resisted them!!
    They felt light but not light enough – not compared to my failed Elios Mids and Roclite 390s. And even £55 felt like too muchfor another pair of goretex boots that I expect to leak after 3 trips out… I’m clearly suffering a failure of confidence in these things! :(

    If your Fastpacker Mids aren’t leaking by Easter I’ll maybe go for a pair of those. Oh and I see Chris Townsend giving a cautious thumbs up to the Ion Mask Hi-Tecs having had a pair on test over the summer.

  9. The Hi-Tecs are good on the ground, but they took nearly a week to dry after I filled them full of water when I fell in a burn. But, that was partly my fault as I didn’t put any paper in them. So I’m not holding that against them as yet.
    GTX boots, always a dilemma. These AKU’s are quite sturdy, I think they’ll fare well, the Salomns with the loose liner have another take on it and the Montrail Hardrock Mids have a different inner to every other Gore lined boot I’ve ever seen, so I’ve no idea what to expect.

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