AKU ‘s psychadelic journey to the centre of the Rainbow (Music; Ritchie Blackmore/Lyrics; Ronnie James Dio)

Retro chic, or nostalgia, or grass is greener, or whatever. There’s always excuses made for the past, and then reasons given as to why it was better. Being younger back in the early ’80s is start I suppose, but do we really want Thatcher in power, to choke on Spangles, to have to be a First Year at high school and be disappointed that Peter Davison is the new Doctor Who all over again? Judas Priest, Motörhead, Kiss, Status Quo etc: the Glasgow Apollo was a highlight for sure, not having to carry a mobile phone, not having the TV filled with retard fame seekers, knowing that mail order could take up to 28 days and not worrying and getting all stroppy about it. Aye, I’ll have all that.

But, if things didn’t change we wouldn’t have Vintage Reissue Gibson Les Pauls, Remastered albums with that B-Side that was only ever on the 7″ vinyl now added as a bonus track and most important is that the passage of time lets you be as smug and superior to newbies in whatever field you operate just as the old hands were to you. Because as it tuns out, you did know F/A.

So it’s 25th anniversary next year of AKU‘s Slope boot, and they’re bringing out a reisssue of the original style to celebrate. I want a pair of these so badly my nose is running. Four shades of purple. Four.
I held it in my hand just for a moment, and it spoke to me, it said…”I’m a size 8 sample, you’ve nae chance…”.
And it was gone.

12 thoughts on “AKU ‘s psychadelic journey to the centre of the Rainbow (Music; Ritchie Blackmore/Lyrics; Ronnie James Dio)”

  1. Did they do them in white? then you could add some skin tight black pants and a sleeveless merino, perm you hair or get a mullet, or perhaps a buff worn as a bandana, ace!

  2. If only AKU were 35…. they’d be 6″ platforms covered in glitter!

    “d’ya wanna be in my gang, My Gang, MY GANG?”

  3. My old Trezetas only had three shades of purple!
    The AKU’s are very …errr…interesting to say the least,would look great with a pair of Ronhills and an old Alpiniste…honest.

  4. You’ve died and gone to purple heaven, mate.

    I’m a size 8 – why didn’t you grab them?

    Oh no – I was innocently reading Shuttleworths comment about “skin tight black pants” when the (X-rated) picture of you in the X bionic pants flashed before me with the AKU’s – aaaaaargh, my eyes, my eyes ….

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