Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Sorry, from the top again.

I spent much of yesterday standing in the middle of that photie below, in the gap between my huge pedal board and the wall. The knees are shot to pieces, but I think it might be worth it.
Recording as a two-piece (the “band” is just me and my buddy Craig on the drums) is always tricky when the song in your head is being playing by a six-piece band, it means lots of extra playing, and an awful lot of winging it as you go. Most of the guitar outside of the basic rhythm track and all of the bass was made up on the spot, and when it finally became time to do the vocals I was totally done, I shouted some words tunelessly at the mic and threw in the towel. I’ll go back next week and do the vocals and the the mixing with Colin the engineer, the fella there with the ponytail. A good lad indeed.
The other boy is Luigi, an Italian sound engineer who used some of his frighteningly hi-end gear to set us up, never has my guitar playing been so closely scrutinised by microphones in it’s life. My fingers started to wilt at the thought. Poor Craig and his brand new double bass drum pedal were just covered in mics and cables, no escape at all.
It was a good sound though, a mix of Ampeg bass amp and Fender combo meant a super fat guitar tone, so much so that when I did the bass later on I went for a clanky bright sound so we could could hear it in the mix. I say clanky and bright, but that’s all relative isn’t it? I mostly played my 20 year old Gibson Explorer (hanging up next to the V’s), it’s been sitting neglected in a case for years, and I now feel all guilty because it’s a killer guitar, easy to play, sounds fantastic and balances perfectly on a strap. Friends again.
I have a rough mix on disc to practise the vocals, a bit of a luxury for us is that, so hopefully I can pull something out of the bag there.

7 thoughts on “Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Sorry, from the top again.”

  1. I’ve driving around all day listening to it trying to find a better way of singing it, I can tell the boy on the guitar is grinning like a maddie :o)
    The bit where I play bass through a Big Muff makes me laugh out loud every time as well.

  2. He must have everything but Autotune on that board.How many different types of distortion do you need ?

  3. No autotune for me coops, I stand firmly behind my lack of ability :o)

    Pat, three types since you ask, and that’s only on the board :o)
    The pedalboard lineup, from the guitar…
    Dunlop Crybaby 535 – 20 year old wah pedal, best one they ever made I think)
    Roger Mayer VoodooVibe – tremolo, chorus, vibrato, modulation speed controlled by a Ernie Ball volume pedal, not on the board right now, no room…
    Danelectro Fabtone – dirtiest distortion pedal ever made
    Electro Harmonix Metal Muff – classic metal tones, very tweakable
    Electro Harmonix Biff Muff Pi – the fuzz tone of justice, the tone contyrols bypassable which makes it five times louder
    Boss Flanger – 80’s four-knob model
    Boss Dimension C – super rare 80’s stereo chorus type affair
    Boss DD3 Digital DElay – 80’s again, sounds analogue compared to modern units
    Electro Harmonix Soul Preacher – compressor to boost the sustain for the…
    Electro Harmonix Micro Synth – Gary Numan, Rush etc in a box
    Electro Harmonix Micro Pog – multi-octave/harmonizer, basically a church organ in a box, as well as a 12-string guitar, eight string bass etc
    Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Nano – tiny natural sounding reverb pedal

    And in the bag beside the board were…

    Can’t have enough pedals :o)

  4. So what do you do play the V while riverdancing to switch between pedals. Wish i had longer fingers for guitaring.

  5. Most of the pedals only get used for a few seconds here and there, I mostly just stand there like a lemon making faces at myself.#I wish I had longer fingers for the bass, I get forearm pump, took me four takes to play the tune all the way through!

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