14 thoughts on “Ah, there he is!”

  1. Aye indeed, it’s looking very green out there.

    I notice I also subconsciously drew Sgurr na Ciche in the background, it’s the voices in my head…

  2. nice one, u should sign it and auction it for charity!!

    ps how are you finding the air i was thinkig of getting our lass one later in the year.

  3. The clouds snarling. Seems like you’ve got to get your head around a different angle to me. Rain clouds are our friends. They keep the halfhearted in the valleys and if they’re feeling benevalent they take a break and strike a pose to put some drama in the dawn photo’s.

  4. Moggy, I’ll have some words on it next week I hope.
    The first Texan Bar through the post secures the drawing for the sender with which to light fires, fold under a table leg to stop it shoogling etc

    Aye Dave, clouds can make a view. The one down below with the broken clouds in the distance and the ‘comp in the foreground does make me smile.

    Aye Kate, it’s jealous :o)

  5. Amend my last post as i have just read they are out of stock and i don’t think you can get em. Well the euphoria stopped me reading all the details initially.

  6. Ach, they were re-ssued a couple of years back and I ate them by the box, I though for a minute there that they were available again :o(

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