Ah, got it.

It finally clicked why we have the X Factor and other such shows of that ilk. Everytime one of these chumps is dressed up and trained up to sing someone elses song it just shows how good the original vocal melody and musical arrangement was and how piss poor what they’re in the middle of really is. Therefore, it sells old records.
These poor contestants are deluding themselves that thay have talent and public appeal, they’re just PlayDoh, their appearance and voice shaped and molded to fit a money making slot.
Music has always been about getting money and chicks as much as the songs, and I think the X Factor insults our intelligence as it masquerades as a proper music show. The worst death metal band blastbeats their way to more accomplishment with more integrity than anybody involved with the X Factor, except Dermott O’Leary, who seems to get the joke and looks like he thinks everyone around him is a dick.
It’s really depressing, I know I sound like a reactionary grumpy old bastard, but I don’t want celebrity, I want talent. Even if all the current guitar bands sound like they’re playing The Vapors Turning Japanese or The Jam’s Going Underground at lewast they’re writing something and shouting and hitting things to make the music.

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  1. I remember ranting about all that sampled music in the early 90’s and wanting more “real” music on the radio with instruments and people that played live. Black box’s Ride on time was the work of the devil to me. How the hell can that Wagner guy or any of them be amongst the top talent is beyond me. My other half watches the dancing anyway.

  2. Amen Brother,

    I find TV rubbish generally so I spend most of my time on the computer.

    As far as TV is concerned I don’t want entertained, inspire me and I’ll make my own entertainment.

  3. The best things on the telly right now are Peppa Pig and the reruns of Colditz.
    I wish I was being ironic rather than honest there.

  4. Welcome to the world of the curmudgeon


    If the record companies want us to buy product, stop selling crap! It’s now 22 years since the last good Metallica album. Best song of this year Motorhead acoustic Ace of Spades, that made me smile!

    Remember when festivals were music festivals not a corporate marketingevent, nokia, carlsberg, o2! We need Monsters of Rock.

  5. I couldn’t agree more with this post, PTC. Reality TV is a blight on humanity. What puzzles me is the amount of people who ‘do’ watch these shows? Even worse (or on a par with) than X Factor, are any of the numerous shows that feature so called ‘celebrities’! Z list desperados clutching at straws to save a career that hardly exists! It’s no coincidence that many of the non celebs who start out with X Factor, or Big Brother, end up on the so called celebrity shows. So shallow.

    Keep up the excellent Blogging.


  6. in the words of another fairly average band….kill your television. water on the brain, flying pigs to make us look the other way whilst the Eaton brat pack rifle our pockets once again. The music industry is one sick puppy…but that’s not new.

    It doesn’t matter to me what people play – I love Mad Lib as much as Lightning Bolt – but they have to sound like they mean it. And I don’t hear anything genuinely emotive about X factor, its abstract noise for atomised shopping mall zombies. Watch out, they’re drooling, behind you!

  7. I would sooner kick myself to death with my crampons on than watch reality tv. Its just absolute shite. Roger Daltry wrote a good article recently slagging off Cowell and co and he was spot on. These ARTISTS? without their manufactured assistance would never have made it 20 or so years ago as bands had to be talented, could write and play live properly. Oh disagree with earlier Metallica post as they’ve only done 1 bad album in the last 22 years. Saw Motorhead live last week and they were ok but the sound was shite Lemmys voice lost in loudness, oh & they didn’t play Bomber, but i was deaf the day after, lol.

  8. But…but Lemmy’s voice is always lost in the noise! Bomber at Hammersmith is the only gig I’ve been to, and that was a loooooong time ago.

  9. Oh yes. Telly. We don’t have one, got fed up of the sh*te on the box years ago so when it came to buying a new tv decided not to. Simples! Tho youtube does tend towards a replacement if one isn’t careful.

  10. Well said,

    On similar point, how can X-Factor even pretend that it is a ‘dream factory’ or some such nonsense, when the first few weeks are a parade of poor, deluded, talentless then mocked people. Makes me seethe.

    Oh, Colditz is soooo good :)

  11. ‘X’ what…??
    Seriously, I know people like to slag tv but there is a lot of good telly out there. It’s just spread over two hundred channels instead of four.
    Recently there have been some great Science documentaries from the Beeb (Atom, Cell, Horizon, First Life), we’ve got decent news channels with time for some in depth analysis now and of course there’s excellent sports coverage (footie, rugby, golf, tennis and probably beach volleyball if you delve deeply into eurosport). If you like history or National Geographic there’s dedicated channels. And you can see a lot of old classic repeats of drama or comedy pretty much round the clock if you’re feeling nostalgic.
    We’re really spoilt for choice. You just have to avoid the filler crap that they use to pad out the schedules. Oh and I forgot to mention the new Doctor Who….:-)

  12. You’ve just confirmed my suspicions Petesy! Glad I’ve never watched X Come Poodle-faking or whatever. As Fatwalker says, there’s still some decent stuff on TV – but where were you Petesy? I fully expected to see you out there with Billy Connolly and Aly Bain up in Assynt in that programme the other night celebrating the life and work of Norman MacCaig (yes – a distant relative of my beloved partner in life). As both a Wordsmith and an Outdoorsman, they definitely needed you to teach them how to keep warm camping up by the Loch of the Green Corrie. ;-)

  13. Someone above was right about festivals- buy your ticket NOW for next year. What’s that all about? Why do I want to buy a ticket when I don’t know who’s playing? Shocks me, it really does. I have hoards of mates to go to festivals for the experience, for the funfair, for the piss-up. What happened to going to see the band?
    I find it so annoying.

  14. What a miserable shower we are. Good, complacency has no place in our lives.

    I was at my folks and I was flicking through a box of my old concert programmes, and Donington ’85 came up. That’s when Metallica were all shiny and new, ah they were fierce that day.

    This is good telly indeed, and I like some of the reality stuff too, Axe Men and Ice Road Truckers are like being at my work, the folks in that are the same folks I’ve spend a lifetime sharing a kettle with at lunchtime.
    But the endless flicking through cghannels to find the gems is tiring.

    The Assynt thing? Funny, I spoke to the BBC many months ago about the outdoor related stuff they’re doing just now, and we can see what became of that :o)

    Can’t go and see Motorhead anymore, it’s like watching a tribute band, just not the same.

    Hey, Matt Smith is going to save modern Doctor Who!

  15. We’re another refusnik household with no TV, don’t miss it, and catch up a smattering of decent stuff via iPlayer.

    But as for “decent news channels with time for some in depth analysis”, I really can’t agree – sure, they’ve got time for some in depth analysis but they never seem to use it for that. I’m generally appalled at the lack of actual content in most news reports and the way it’s becoming so lightweight and seemingly presented as entertainment rather than information. Grrrr ;O)

  16. Good TV is becoming rarer and rarer. Anything that is good shines like a beacon. ‘The Trip’, for example. I’ve enjoyed the three episodes, so far; Coogan & Brydon are very good together. Throw in some superb scenery and we have a winner.

    I hope that Wagner wins the X-Factor :)

  17. Middle age alert!

    I’m sure if I was 13, I would think that X factor was the best thing ever. Mind you when I was 13, I thought The Vapors Turning Japanese and The Jam’s Going Underground were the best things ever (don’t forget Here Comes the Summer by the Undertones). I still do, by and large.

    I wandered into the living room during X factor on Saturday and heard some teenager murder ‘Imagine’ during ‘Beatles Night’. Shurely Shome Mishtake.

    Great telly? – Spooks, the Event, (another vote for) Colditz, Wild Walks with Cameron McNeish

  18. I watch X Factor. I am not a zombie (I don’t think!). I’m not 13 either – unfortunately. It’s great that there are so many channels on telly meaning that you do have choice. Turn it over. Simples. I still have council telly mind you so no 240 channels nor an offensive dish on the side of the house for me.

    I’ve enjoyed The Pillars of The Earth on Channel 4 recently. Great. Spooks as always is worth a watch. And i just love Grand Designs. AND… Matt Smith was born to be Dr Who, I’m convinced of this.

  19. Never liked x-factor, britains got talent, etc too much humiliation in the early stages, very nasty stuff and even the winners soon slide back into obscurity, but it does annoy me that the winner usually gets the christmas no1. Should be Slade or Wizzard :) As for the Loch Lomond incident Susan Boyle filmed a cover of Lou Reed’s Perfect Day there recently…. all i’m saying is no ones seen her since :)

    Love the blog too lazy to do it myself but this is the next best thing, keep it coming.

  20. Never heard anymore about the Balloch thing? Must enquire..

    Here, there was a nice thing on Discovery about continental shift, nit the old, but projected. Pangaea 2 lies far in our future.
    I like that stuff, mind you, I detest re-caps in documentaries after adverts. I’ve spoken of that before, but it still makes me shout.

    There are gems on those dusty shelves right enough.

  21. I agree about the doco re-cap thing, that does get up my wick as well, must account for at least 10% of any C4/ITV show.
    As for new music don’t lose the faith, some cracking new bands out there who aren’t industry created clones – this year has seen great records (IMO) by the Black Keys, Avett Brothers, Eels, Assorted Jack White genius, all of which offer something real. It’s Human nature to look back at music in our formative years and think it can’t be bettered, or that the music industry is dying but it’s not that bad…

  22. Having caught some it again, and “I’m A Celelbrity…” too where sitting insects in your mouth passes for entertainment, my opinion is hardening somewhat.

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