AeroBed PakMat Airbed: First Look

Here’s another bit of test kit bound for family camping, the AeroBed PakMat Airbed. It’s big, fat and comfy and I’d love it at a wild camp. But, it’s still big when it’s deflated so it’s for out of the back of the motor camping only.
It’s a clever thing, it rolls into that tube you can see which is also an inflation pump, the green handle pulls out and it works just the same as a bike pump. It works very well and the bed pops up in no time.
Holly’s already been bouncing off her “trampoline bed” so it’s durability in the face of the girl’s onslaught will be interesting to monitor.
More after the July trip up north.

2 thoughts on “AeroBed PakMat Airbed: First Look”

  1. Aye, this packs even bigger though.
    There’s no way I could blow this mat up by lung power without passing out, too big, fat and comfy.

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