Actual excuse

So, I got my assessment dates from College today. They would be the 27th and 28th of March. The 28th was ringing a bell all day….

So the WHW will be actually be on the next weekend after that, I’ll away on the 4th of April. Definite. My twingey foot will be fine by then as well.

Still that means there’s a better chance of the hotly anticipated Optimus Crux Lite appearing in time to come along.


11 thoughts on “Actual excuse”

  1. Ah, a pair of Stillsons (or Stillys to those in the know). Loose and floppy, they shouldn’t work. But they do, saving the day and rounding off nuts the world over.

    Good that you’ll be 100% when you do the WHW. It would not do to be anything else. Plus, the increased chance of Shiny New Kit is good for the soul.

  2. My favoutites are a set of 18″ aluminiums from Rothenberger. So light :o)

    I’m half frustrated, half glad about the WHW. I’m so looking forward to it, but not with a fat foot.

  3. Stillson envy…..That`s not a big pair of stillys, we use 3 foot ones for spinning seized rollers, single handed as well. (We managed to loose a 600mm vernier caliper today too, someone has got very big pockets.)

    I have however ditched my ARCO workboots for shoes, much lighter ;) and 12 hours walking round a factory every shift should toughen up my ankles a bit too :)

  4. We could just keep raising the stakes here… :o)

    …heads off the workshop with camera and measuring tape….

    Goood point about the shoes. I’ve not had my steelies on since my foot went fat last week and I haven’t missed them. Today is the day though.

  5. 3′ Stillys? We had a set called Mek-Quake, as they were for Big Jobs. Ah, I miss tools. Drive a desk now, but I do have the sort a garage only an ex-maintenance engineer has. You never know when that 7/16 UNF thread tap and dieset may come in handy.

  6. What the Christ? Have we found a 2000 A.D reading, lightweight outdoors obsessed subculture of engineers?

    Well. Someone’s got to rule the world I suppose.

    I find that those Trojan mids are very effective at bridging the gap between shoe and boot.

  7. Believe it or not the best pair of stillson’s I’ve ever come across came from the pound shop about 3 years ago! they’re just a wee pair of 6″ ones that were bought in an emergency. I expected them to perform like they were made of chocolate covered in silver foil but the one use was all I was counting on.

    3 years later with almost daily use and they still look brand new!!

  8. Chocolate stilsons :o)

    I used to get chocolate tool kits in my christmas stocking many years ago, but then I would get chocolate smokers sets in there as well. I loved the ’70s.

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