Action Man

I was rummaging around at my folks house at the weekend and I think I may have found the source of my obsession with orange kit.
It was subliminal suggestion by the evil Palitoy mega corporation.

He’s got ten point crampons, a frighteningly long ice axe (or railway track laying/agricultural tool), a Whillans Alpiniste pack with helmet and goggles inside and ice hammer attached.
The polo necked jumper does away with the need for a Buff, and possibly makes a beard obsolete as well. I’m sure only the navy Action Man had a beard, but I’m sure sailors wore polo necks as well, at least in black and white days…

He’s pre eagle eyes and gripping hands which shows my age as much as his.

I actually have a smock that looks just like this, a Karrimor Alpiniste from the late 90’s. Same colour, same pocket, same glaikit look from the face sticking out the top of it.

He now stands proudly on the dressing table surveying the mighty unconquered peaks of the Duvetlaya across the Carpet Pass.
Until Joycee notices or Holly gets her hands on him of course.

24 thoughts on “Action Man”

  1. Hmmm, I’m sure I had the one with the white ‘polar explorer’ suit with fur-trimmed hood, and skis and snow-shoes….

    You may be on to something here!! ;O)

  2. I once receoved the ‘Red Devil’ parachutest for my birthday.

    Said Red Devil was thrown upwards from first floor bedroom window, the canopy opened (sort of), and the action man hurtled surprisingly quickly towards the concrete path below, apparantly unaffected by the parachute that has half openened above him.

    A cats cradle of parachute ‘webbing’, a pair of cracked plastic goggles and a tangible feeling of disappointment were the result.

    Much happier after I got a uniform or two, a selection of plastic weaponry and an armoured car!

  3. That brings back great memories. Being of a similar vintage as yourself and having two brothers, my house was full of action man gear as a boy.

    We once went up the Yoker high-flats to ‘test’ parachute action man descending from 14 storeys up. Brilliant fun.

    My wee boy has a modern one but its crap in comparison.

  4. Aye, the modern ones look like Jean Claude Van Damme.

    I’ve been on ebay, curse you Moggy!

    The models you guys are mentioning are bringing back memories, I loved the Panzer Commander, cool black uniform.

    BBF, I may well have had breeches in my day…

  5. I made friends with the boy next door but one because he had an Action Man. I’m a military historian. Perhaps there is something in it…

  6. I had to go to a mates house to abuse his action men stuff. My dad said ‘dolls are for girls tha knows’. Deprived childhood,we were poor but we were happy. (I resisted the urge of the action man deserter ‘joke’)

  7. I feel for the boy next door Kate, he watched the top of your head pass his window every day (I’m assuming you were shorter then) and yet his doorbell never rang…

    Ah yes adi, the mirth of the empty box indeed.

  8. I never had an action man either, being this young it was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the first time around) for me!!

  9. The two lads across the road from me had at least three action men (all with grippy hands), backed up by a tank , helicopter, jeep and artillary gun.

    My honest rigid-handed Tommy with his sten gun and armoured car never stood a chance.

    Thay also had a massive Scalextrix.

    Not that I was jealous or anything.

  10. Action man should get out more. His kit looks too clean.

    The working parachute was my favourite but the stormtrooper had an uber cool, slightly sinister look.

  11. Yer man there does look like he’s fresh out the box.

    My younger brother not only had the army jeep, but the motorcycle & sidecar combo – now that was cool!

  12. It’s odd, any of my toys or books that are still at my folks are all pristine, regardless of how much I played with them. I wonder what that says about me?


  13. Ah, I did have pitons, I should look in his pack…if they’re not there I’m one step closer to a pointless ebay purchase…

    He’s quite likely to struggle on the Black Sabbath t-shirt boulder field next to the washing basket.

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