Action 7p

That’s me down there, tomorrow morning, the back of eight. Sort of, in an analogistic fashion anyway. I just tried and failed to say that last short sentence out loud to test the spelling. Hush, it’s a perfectly acceptable method, better than WordPress’ “My First American Dictionary” anyway.
The diver I mean, not the shark, that would be a really big yawn though, one to be proud of for sure. And the gaps in my teeth aren’t that big, I can’t even suck spaghetti through the one at the front anymore.
It’s a clear night, what does this say for tomorrow I wonder. It’ll be fine for the first half whatever as that’s indoors, but as soon as I’ve got the job set up, kitted everyone out with their new safety gear, weilded some stilsons and cursed some over-tightened nuts, I’m off to the mountains. I’m did I say? We I should say, the girls and I are off up the A9.
Holly’s kitted up and excited to point of crazy because she’s heading for her first big mountain. How far we’ll get towards the summit we’ll just have to see, but there’ll be a picnic along the way that’s for sure. 

Hook Jaw? Oh I dare say we’ll come back to him again at some point.

6 thoughts on “Action 7p”

  1. Hookjaw! Now there’s a blast from the past. It’s somehow comforting to know that other people shared these childhood joys. We used to argue over who’d win in a fight between Jaws and Hooky (obviously Hookjaw).

    Thanks for that link Jim.

  2. Aye Jim, a lot of my reference points get spliced together and then none of it makes much sense without a code book.
    It’s a great website that, been on it a few times. So much stuff on it, including all the strips which is brilliant.

  3. Absolutely & much kudos to the guy who did all that. Was great to get a read of that part of my childhood again, the parodies of all the big films of the time & all else. I even actually remembered a lot of the lines in the dialogue lol.

  4. HookJaw would have kicked Jaws’ arse. Or bit it more likely.

    I remember being stunned when HookJaw took his arch enemy, Mason the diver apart a bit at a time leaving just his head to wash up on the beach.
    After Jon Petrtwee turning into Tom Baker, that was one of the most important events in the 70’s for me.

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