Accept the expected

Sometimes you have to leap, even though you’ve looked.
You can plan, prepare and commit all you want, but until you’re actually there it’s all just a guessing game. I think knowing this in advance helps, not by making it easier, but by making you ready.
Knowledge is the keenest edge of all.

6 thoughts on “Accept the expected”

  1. Reminds me of the first time I tried to find the path down from the lang craigs. Scary. ;)

  2. You been having fun with your camera again :)

    Taking a leap of faith this weekend and heading for the hills in the hope that I aint lost that much hill fitness

    Where you planning leaping to this weekend?

  3. Knowledge also happens to be the lightest useful thing you can carry in the mountains.

  4. Aye Candice, there’s only a few safe places to get down and it’s easy pass them in the dark, be they familiar or not!

    Blondie, glad you’re heading oot. You’re getting back to normal just in time for the light nights and midweek Kilpatrick jaunts.
    We’re off to the West end of Glen Affric in about six hours or something scary like that. I’ll be going to bed in a minute.

    BBF, I wish I’d thought of saying that.

  5. Enjoy yourself in Glen Affric. Crackin place and soooo remote

    I had a wee bimble in the Kilpatricks on Wednesday. I did think about calling you but figured you’d be up to yer neck in something

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