A wee oot

Took a wee wander in the Kilpatricks with Joycee today. It was very dull, and very cold. The ground still frozen hard in the late afternoon. The sun set in a blaze of colour, just out of sight behind the thick grey clouds.
But we bantered away regardless of all that like always, and the time flew by.
We got back in the dark, hats and gloves on, ready for dinner at my folks. Holly was especially pleased to see us there, a couple of hours must seem like forever.

I really feel like I’m on holiday now, not just hiding.

2 thoughts on “A wee oot”

  1. Nice one mate !
    Jules and I were up on Eaglesham moor yesterday blowing away the cobwebs after holiday.
    Weather looks loike its going to crap out the middle of next week so give me a shout if you fancy doing something (what about an overnighter ?)

  2. We’ll get out aye. Overnighter? Well reminded, my tents are all still in Ambleside, I shall head to the telegraph office immediately.

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