A wee day oot

It’s time Holly saw some mountains, Joyce is going stir crazy for some pointy scenery, so obviously we went to Glen Coe today.

It was a fine drive, very quiet. The weather had some holes in it and we got to see some of the ususal suspects in dark brooding guise (see below). We headed round to the Ice Factor at Kinlochleven for lunch which was tasty. they have nice baby changing facilities for the use of, which was handy. You never notice these things exist until you need them.

We left via the shop, purchases made. The return journey was punctuated by a quick stop to investigate a set of orange flashing lights arranged in a square some way from the road on Rannoch Moor.

The luckily still upright car which had diverted into the scenery for reasons unknown contained a full complement of driver and passengers. all uninjured and in good spirits. The rescue truck was on it’s way, they thanked me for my concern and bid me farewell. I wonder how many other people stopped.

The rest of the journey was uneventful and now we’re going to watch the Simpsons Movie and eat cake. ‘Cos it’s my birthday (39). Alright!

Buachaille Etive Mor

Sron na Criese

6 thoughts on “A wee day oot”

  1. Cheers :o)

    They were near that famous tree-growing-out-of-the-rock just as ypou get on the level after the climb from Loch Tulla.
    I can picture them all looking and pointing at it a the same time “Look! Look! There it is!” “Look out!” “Too late!”
    etc. Poor sods.

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday. I was 39 last month, a strange feeling knowing you’re 40 next. I was talking to friend about it today, being early ‘halfway there’ as it were, she’s much more positive than me and reckons it’s more like a third of the way, dunno if that’s good or bad?

    Having young kids is definately a good thing though, keeps you thinking young thoughts, and the surreal is never far away. I think our 4 3/4 year old is due to explode with excitement any time soon.

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