A wee bit… wee bit more… ach, a baw hair…

The roof hasn’t been so bad, I could see Ben Lomond from it. I think that might be me just about wrapped up though. Sunday this week will be Sunday, not a miscellaneous weekday. I’m tentatively predicting a leisurely breakfast followed by sitting on chairs, possibly succeeded by mild activity of some sort with the girls.

Regular visits to a place, especially when they’re months apart, are a wonderful way to mark the passage of time, but it also makes other changes very visible too, news stories spring to life, like the “financial crisis” for example. Changes of use in buildings from factory to storage, those ubiquitous and very noticeable cutbacks, the knock-on effects like cafes closing and things not getting painted.
It’s a cycle, things go up and things go down. It well get better but we’ll still lose things that we won’t get back, and with it the accumulated knowledge and skills of generations.

I like tomorrow, but I remember yesterday. Aye, we had rickets, poor housing, lead in our petrol and only three channels on our tiny tellies, but we were good at stuff. Maybe even the best.
Even the buses are sad.

9 thoughts on “A wee bit… wee bit more… ach, a baw hair…”

  1. i had a day of building a cross trainer for our lass, then preparing and cooking a 3 course meal for her parents…hopefully get out for a wander or ride tomorrow.

  2. The sounds and smells of bacon in the pan, the click as the kettle comes to the boil, the plumff of arse on soft furnishings…

    I’ll be bored in half an hour.

  3. Commiserations to the housebound this weekend. Friday looked sooooo unpromising, but we went to the Lakes for Sat/Sun and grabbed an excellent overnighter from Troutbeck – over Wansfell, up above Kirkstone and then the W side of what’s usually the Kentmere round. A nice high camp of the flanks of Stony Cove Pike too :)

    No rain, no midges, some sunshine, not enough water…. we didn’t envy the hundreds of fell runners struggling up Ill Bell (but they did make me feel good about my trail running efforts ;O)

    But that was a last blast for a while – the hassle of moving house in 2 weeks kicks in from here…. :(

  4. but we were good at stuff. Maybe even the best.

    I used to hate going up through Greenock/Gourock/Port Glasgow to the Erskine bridge, same as going past Harland & Wolf. Nothing’s being made, just people selling or repairing stuff that’s made in China or offices with people making money by shifting other peoples money around!!!

    Not ‘Maybe’, ‘Simply’ ;-)

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