A very useful engine

It was all blue sky and fluffy silver edged cloud when the lights went out, the temperature plumetted and the hail just rattled down, increasing in both ferocity and size of hailstone. The place was white in a couple on minutes. Brilliant fun, so good it distracted Holly from dressing up as a Spanish flamenco princess dancer girl for several seconds.
We did get a lovely sunset afterwards though. Nature, bless it

I am in dilemmaland. The hearse is in the shop getting reprogrammed, which sound vaguely fascist and a bit sci-fi, like it didn’t fit into our society so let’s re-educate it. As long as is stops stalling when I’m overtaking folk on narrow roads I’m happy to be the instigator of its lobotomy.
But, mountains await, and with some urgency. So, it looks like I’m going on the train which is kinda fun as the station is nearer where I’m going than the road by quite a few miles. Mind you, if the hearse is back tomorrow, I’ll just have to live with the inconvenience of driving there. With music and stuff.
Packing is the thing if I’m going on the train, no stopping at Ft Bill Morrisons, nipping into the garage or having a bag of stuff in the boot to sift through when I get there. No, it’s all going into my rucksack so I have to get it right first time.
Needless to say, mild panic is currently written large on today’s specials board. 

Screw it, just bought train tickets, the hearse can stay at home even if it’s fixed. Excited now.

2 thoughts on “A very useful engine”

  1. I feel your pain – how much into how much will go?!

    I miss my van dreadfully when I don’t have it with me, no just in case available when you’re blagging a lift in someone else’s motor.

    Just remember the sweets – chocolate limes are fave at the moment.

  2. I can get a bunch of snacks into a 40L pack, all will be well.
    I’ve made a list, and I’ll be checking it twice, seeing whose been naughty and nice… wait, that’s not packing for the mountains is it?

    I like the hearse, we’ve bonded. Humph.

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