A quick bit of navel gazing

Well, I got my answers: “Normal”. I kind of expected that, but it’s still something of a relief.
Maybe I have to accept that I am a little older, I can’t fit more than 24hrs worth of stuff into day. I need to sleep sometimes, I have to let injuries heal at their own pace, not mine, and pause between things, just for a minute.
So like the man told me to, I have taken some time off, and I was even in my bed at 2130 the other night with a book. Magic.
Hell, it’s been a few years since I last took my last kamikaze flight, this time though I missed the target and landed an an allied airfield. I’m learning.
So, tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “A quick bit of navel gazing”

  1. R&R something that today’s modern world doesn’t always allow with pressures coming from all directions. Time to take your pound of flesh back for yourself. Look after yourself my friend

  2. You have been reporting manflu quite often recently. Too many trips to the Lakes to ogle gear…

    Make yourself a Horlicks and get yer wooly slippers on auld yin. Oh and avoid Holly at all costs, children are germ factories :)

    Take it easy…


  3. Youse are wise and kind. I’m suffering from self-inflicted stupidity really, I was properly ill many years ago and it left me awfy liable to get myself into these stupid situations if I don’t conduct myself in a reasonable manner.
    All will be well, as soon as this weather clears I’m off to Kintail. That’s a nice wee rest that is :o)

  4. It is Chris, I love the northwest. As soon as I pass the commando memorial outside of Spean Bridge I start bouncing up and down in the seat of the motor. It’s the dividing line of daytrips and (justifiable) overnighters for me!

    Phil, it looks nice now, but er… Nah, no words of comfort there, it would have been a nice morning on the tops probably, but last night would have beem rubbish sitting in the cloud and rain in a tent only five foot five long.

  5. The bumf says its 2m 10 inside !
    Will have to take it out again and make sure I pitched it properly !
    Whats the other tents you got ? is it the lightweight ones in black.
    Might go oot on the bike today instead and try and scare the demons away ;>

  6. That’s about eight feet? I think if you’d pitched it that wrong you’d have noticed :o)
    The other one’s are Heliums, they’re the black and orange affairs. I’m taking one for the Kintail trip, black tent on snow… Yes please!

    I might go for a bimble in the Kilpatricks today. Then again I may sit in front of the telly.

  7. It’s got to be in the next ten days, as soon as the weather looks good for an overnighter.
    I know exactly where the tents are going, this will be a good one :o)

  8. I learned a long while ago that the kamikaze flight can all too easily be diverted right into the middle of a hostile enemy-ridden jungle. Its best to hit the ejector seat button before that happens.
    Now, in the words of the Cadbury’s Caramel bunny rabbit… Take it easy.

    ps Bobinson you’re needing a tape measure… an 8ft long tent!!? :o)

  9. This tent scares me…

    I’m still in slippers, lounge-wear and the like. I can’t see this lasting though.
    I’m giving it oh, ten minutes and I’m out of here.

    Hmm, weather break Tuesday/Wednesday maybe… ?

  10. Hey PTC – I can relate to the “properly ill” part, I’ve been there myself a few years ago (in-hospital-on-a-drip properly ill).

    And like you I have a tendency to push myself too far, trying to fit it all in. But I’m learning that I can’t actually do so. Hence the tumble-weeds rolling across my blog (hmmm… maybe that would make a good WordPress plugin? – Oh, but by definition, no-one would ever bother actually plugging it in…).

    I was up and down in health for a good couple of years afterwards. But what turned it around, and made me healthier than I ever was before, was casting off the conventional wisdom on food and nutrition (not to mention the advice of a nutritionist I paid!) and starting to eat much more “primaly”. I’ve not looked back. Neither has LB or most of my close family since they’ve taken to eating the same way.

    For me it has parallels in many areas – the herd often has it wrong, sometimes very wrong. But of course the parallel you might relate to is the whole “lightweight kit is dangerous” nonsense that the many still believe.

    There’s a lot of info out there of course, but you could do a lot worse than having a look at the excellent PāNu Get Started page. And for Mark’s Daily Apple is a deep well of information.

    I’ve been meaning to post something on this on the blog (and will do so!) but your posting has got me typing…

  11. Everything is always more complex than any set of guidelines that you’ve been handed to follow.
    Convention and advice never seem to take in to account that you’re an individual and all the influences that emotions, desires and aversions exert upon your choices.
    Like you say, there is a way through it all, it’s finding it while deflecting all the other stuff coming at you from all sides.
    I wonder if it’s a confidence thing? How much of our lives to feel empowered to completely control, and how much do wwe blame of someone or something else?

    Here, this is turning into Psychological Sunday right enough!

    Aye, get writing.

  12. You’re right – I should get to it.

    In fact I will… I will… :)

    Checkout the links – I’ve never felt stronger or been healthier than when I’m eating what we’ve evolved to eat!

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