A Mermaid’s Tale

Holly likes to be different so not long after me and Joycee came back from Sandwood Bay she broke out in a rash, revenge for not getting the beach? No, the girl’s happy enough and the second doctor’s trip in 24 hours confirmed the previously possible: she had scarlet fever. That’s different.
It sounds medieval doesn’t it, like we should expect Vincent Price at the door at any moment screaming “Plague!” at us and hitting me in the face with a leather bound bible.
Reality is very different, poor wee bugger. Work cancelled, a week at home and plenty TV and Irn Bru. For both of us.

We said goodbye to Wee Jeanie this week, and in her 99th year too. Funny how sad times bring you together with the good folks you never see but have no reason not to and a chance to find a new smile.

A week that’ll be turning over in my mind for a while I think. Here’s to next week and a postcard from the top left corner to send us on the way.

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