A mermaid sitting on a shark

Up early, out the door and on the road, picked up some food and got to the job in good time.
Started on one pipework alteration, had a different idea about what to do having had another plan in mind since Thursday, did it with some teeth clenching and a murmed Come on… or two and it all went in quite nicely. Number two took a little more effort, there was a lot of crawling under things and water running out of cut pipes with me trying to catch it, but it all went back in quite nicely as well. It was suddenly lunchtime. Bloody hell.
I was in the factory all on my own now, no one to talk too, so after a second cuppa I went to tackle number three. The many visible cuts on my hands as I negotiate this keyboard with my two index fingers probably make it look harder than it was. Tricky though, some repositioning and re-repositioning was done, but it all went in and it looked good and worked just fine.
After a double check of the three little jobs I got away a bit earlier than I’d expected and swung by my folks for a cuppa.

I enjoyed that, a good day. Bet the telly’s rubbish tonight just to redress the balance, the girls are visiting overnight and I’ve got the place to myself and can watch what I want.

Edit: Five hours of Family Guy and American Dad! (the exclamation mark is theirs not mine) on BBC3 tonight, Irn Bru in the fridge and a box of bakery delights on the worktop. Happy.

No I’m not, girls come home, it’s too damn quiet in here.

I’ll go and sit down. Oh, I am sitting down. I’ll stand up then. Put the kettle on maybe.


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