A little tickle under the chin

I can’t help it, it’s that time of year again and I’m all excited. The trees are screaming in glorious colour, the weather’s thrashing from one extreme to another, the first snows have fallen on the high ground.
Standing at camp under a late evening sun in just a t-shirt is lovely, scooping up snow to melt for the next cuppa might be better.

7 thoughts on “A little tickle under the chin”

  1. No snow here in Northamptonshire yet haha… it will be a long wait! Just packing the kitbag for a wkd in Snowdonia tho, one lads never been in the hills and the other has never been camping, so it’s a campsite and some easy scrambling but no snow by all reports. A drawback of living this far south.


  2. That was many moons ago that trip, that photie was taken on film!

    Oh aye, you’re right, I’ve got a tent just like the one in that link :o)

  3. I see there’s quiet a few familiar scenes through the new site.
    All above board though, I just wasn’t sure which shots they were taking.

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