A day indoors

Home admin, catching up with my correspondance, finally putting the tent away and the footbeds back in my shoes. Actions not to be considered any kind of a victory as the day closes, but necessary work has been done.

Events earlier in the week do seem a little distant however.

6 thoughts on “A day indoors”

  1. I do envy the quality of the hills that you have on your doorstep.
    I would be able to give my crampons and axe some use….arf

  2. Footbeds? Footbeds?

    Wait, you mean insoles don’t you. Footbeds makes me think of that pish from every orthotics manufacturer from Superfeet to the NHS and back. I mean, stopping your foot from doing what is supposed to? What next? Bulky footwear that wraps tightly around your ankle with a stiff sole and a heel built onto it? Oh.

  3. Pedant.

    Aye, it’s the cardboard things that came with the shoes. Footsoles, inbeds?

    Yes, my arches are strong like the buffalo. I mock your boot derived overpronation etc

  4. Buffalo arches?

    Could you have found another tasty zone/paleo snack for the hillside?

    I love (hate) the fact that man is now so highly evolved they try to engineer round tens of thousands of years of mammalian evolution in biomechanical function by adding heavy, useless, range-of-motion inhibiting gubbins.

    Who are the experts? Where are they? Can we put them in with all the nutrition and exercise experts and fire them into the sun? Then settle down to a nice feed of apples, macadamias and buffalo arches.

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