A Dangerous Meeting

The horror, the shame, oh the damned convenience of it, I’m heading for a rough night in the Highlands in a hotel. I’m not overly keen, but at least I’ll be close to the hills for Saturday as I’m doing a nice wee day walk in what might be nice weather. Might I said, we shall see.
And what of the hearse? As long as it gets me there, the RAC can bring me back. I can’t see the recovery driver being keen on my CD’s when I bring that bag of them into his cab right enough.

And the webcam says… trainers and warm socks?

4 thoughts on “A Dangerous Meeting”

  1. Sorry Ptc,
    but what exactly is the Hearse? I;m assuming I’ve missed this in a previous blog?

  2. The Hearse is the blacker than black Mondeo estate I bought at the start of the year.

    It’s in for an MOT on Tuesday, whatever happens them will dictate fix or scrap. We shall see.

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