A childhood hero that never disappointed me.

Intelligent, articulate and funny. When I was young he was just Spock, but as Leonard Nimoy it turned out he was just as good.
Thanks and goodbye.

2 thoughts on “A childhood hero that never disappointed me.”

  1. The best thing by far, not only of the the original Star Trek series ( which I’m old enough to remember from when it was first shown on British TV ), but also of all the films featuring the original cast – THE central character, really. I also remember him from early Mission Impossible TV episodes – better than Landau I’d say.
    When I mentioned his passing to my dear old Mum, a bit of a Star Trek fan ( more than myself, it must be said ), she actually had a little bit of a cry – says it all, really. Top bloke, no question.

  2. Aye. I loved his voice too, serious, soft something you could listen to for hours.

    That bit in Wrath of Khan where he talks to Shatner through the glass will be unwatchable in our house for a good wee while to come.

    My hero’s are getting fewer in number. Getting old has unforeseen sorrows.

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