99 please

Three years and two weeks we’ve lived here, and at ten past nine tonight an ice cream van pulled up outside and stuck its music on for the first time ever. Holly, who was sleeping on the couch was immediately jumping up and down, Joycee was scrambling for shoes as I was digging the coppers from my pocket. Panic overtook us as we grasped the possibility of unforseen treats at this unusal hour.
I held Holly up to the window and we saw Mum reach the twinkling lights of the van in time (in my Rab Infinity down jacket I might add) and soon she was heading back with ice creams for all. The girl and I rejoiced. Reunited, we all sat happily in front of Fraggle Rock and as Holly dozed off the snow started to fall. As I tucked her into bed it started to fall heavily and then blow sideways. It was soon unbroken white from the window to the river where a ship slowly rumbled upstream through the darkness and steadily falling snow.
I hope the ice cream van comes back soon.

6 thoughts on “99 please”

  1. So that’s where our ice cream vans go in the winter! They disappear from here in September, they obviously like wintering somewhere cold!

  2. Don’t you just love the “tally van” :-D

    We even have one that comes round my we dead end intermittently and the double nougats are the mutts nuts – with raspberry of course :-p

  3. Our Icey van is called Jake (the Snake!). He’s crabbit to all the kids that go out and ask for a 20p mixture. He’s round at the same time every night 10pm, even Christmas day!! My dad still gets a glass bottle of irn bru off him.
    Then… during the summer… a new big giant Mr Whippy van started cowing round on a Friday night only. He sells that great fluffy ice cream. It’s a wee treat for us, except Ryan is totally scared from him. Poor wee thing :o)

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