Last Gasp

What a beautiful day today. Clear, cold, still air. A pale blue sky and watery sun diffused through strips of high cloud. Calm.
I was warm in my layers, and busy with kit but my heart wasn’t in it, my mind was elsewhere and my eyes were wide with wonder.
It’s the end of Autumn and the hillsides are aglow. Every leaf that’s flying South is flushed, like a lick of flame or a misplaced petal from a bright summer bloom. Every remaining berry is fat and bursting like Satchmo’s cheeks, easily attracting the desparate attention of the birds, who will soon be hanging around the bird tables trying to look picturesque rather than needy.

Autumn is over too fast. It’s like the perfect rock song, 2m59s of crashing emotion that leaves you only wanting more when you pick yourself up off of the floor when it ends.

Winter? That’s the first side of Rush’s 2112.

8 thoughts on “Last Gasp”

  1. With you there big man !
    it was a great day today had a wee play on the bike in Cathkin Braes but spent most of the time looking out to the campsies and beyond !
    On the mend and champing at the bit to get out more !
    Hos are CTC mids working for you ? mine are legendary !

  2. I spotted the rosehips locally yesterday – now ripe and ready to burst. Also a few new blackberries, high up in a tree. Shows how benign this climate has been for something like them to appear so extremely late in the season

  3. The colours were still oustanding on this dark wet day. The bare trees at the edges of exposed fields are looking menacing, I expect to see a Raven perched on every one. Sitting there plotting evil raven stuff.

    It’s so good being out and about just now.

    CTC’s, jeez Haven’t worn them in ages. Too many shoes!!!!!

  4. What is it with Montrail and laces !
    Have you notced how they never stay tied and slip off the hooks ! (sorry if this should be in another thread )

  5. Funny, I’ve not had that problem with the new models They’re using the new trendy twisty style laces on some of them.
    But all previous ones are pish and end up trailing behind you as soon as they get wet and untie themselves.

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