4 thoughts on “’77 all over again?”

  1. Pah! I bought a tshirt at Quo’s Last Stand – that lineup and that was supposed to be it. Nearly 30 years ago. I’d sue ’em for falsehood if I still had it!

    Enjoyed Coheed and Cambria the other night – acoustic set first then onto the moshin’, I can’t help but get into the pit. The bruises hurt…

  2. The End of the Road tour? I enjoyed Ozzy’s No More Tours Tour.
    Retirement, it’s so easy to say when you’ve still got money in the bank.

  3. Your blog is inspirational – and I’m almost hating myself for saying this – but why can’t you like Thin Lizzy, Jeff Beck, Rage Against the Machine, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Who, The Jam. Status Quo – nice blokes, but lightweight comedy music. Black Sabbath & Iron Maiden just plain rubbish.

  4. Kind words wrapped around a hurled brick :o)

    I love Thin Lizzy, hate what they’ve done to the name in recent years which is why I never mention them probably. Oddly enough as well, the Chinatown album is one of my favourites. Played Cold Sweat in the studio recently too.
    RATM, The Who, The Jam all on my iPod right now, the rest are all in my CD rack. I like lots of stuff, just got my favourites.
    Quo pre 1980 are a different proposition, got tickets for both nights in Glasgow, can’t wait.
    Iron Maiden are sliding I think, their best days were 30 years ago, I’ll happily go with that. Sabbath? I’m living in their and my own past there, a good place to spend some time.

    Music’s a good topic right now, just got a new phone, my first fancy phone and I’ve been divying up my music between that and my iPod so I’ve got more music on a trip. I can now sit out a week long blizzard and never hear the same song twice.

    Trivia, SRV and Quo’s Parfitt both use/used the same fingertip removingly heavy 13 guage strings. I tried it, it’s like playing a row of abrasive kebab skewers.

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