7″, 12″ and Limited Edition Shaped Picture Disc.

I haven’t been out the door this weekend. The world outside looked like a helluva place to be altogether, so I sat inside with my cough and tried to exorcise it with snacking and telly.
Interestingly this seems to have had some effect. I shall therefore increase my snacking and telly intake as it obviously has previously undiscovered health benefits. I reckon a week of such therapy would transformeven the poorliest of specimens into a sparkling athlete, positively bursting with hootspa, possibly gusto, and to a lesser degree glee.

I caught up on some writing stuff which I had badly screwed up on. Losing the computer was just inconvenient for most stuff, this one item was a nightmare to put back together. Lesson learned. Maybe.

This will be an interesting week ahead as I’m so behind with work. I have to run around all day tomorrow and placate customers face to face (always better that way) so I can disappear again on Tuesday as I’ve got Holly all day, Alright!
I’m supposed to have ordered kit to fit at various places as well, exactly what and where escapes for the moment, so searching for clues is ahead. Customers don’t like when you don’t know what you’re meant to be doing for them, it unnerves them for some reason, so I’ll be tentatively fishing for some reminders during the conversations. Ah, this is going to be awfully tiring.

Still, apart from Holly-day, there are Alice Cooper and Gary Numan gigs this week which I’m looking forward to. Then there’s the snow which will be falling up high all the while this rain is causing such difficulties for us all down below.
In some ways I feel like I’m coming out of a very long tunnel. Where the hell have I been and what have I been doing there?

And now, once again I turn to the backlog, die you bastard, die.

5 thoughts on “7″, 12″ and Limited Edition Shaped Picture Disc.”

  1. My temperature inversion never materialised. But then I spent the weekend indoors too, it was just too grim outside. Did manage a leisurely bike ride on sunday morning though…

  2. I have spent the last 4 days indoors with manflu..snacking and telly for medicine and it aint working yet,anyroadup many years ago i had a slow version of tubeway army’s Bombers,cant remember what happened to it and i have never been able to track it down since,one of lifes many mysteries.
    Get well soon from Lakeland.

  3. Grim and flu are the story of the weekend right enough then. It’s a bugger. Health upon us all I say!

    Bombers fly to zero… feet.. feet…
    An oldie that!

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