69 years young

Jimmy was 69 this week.

Still kicks our arses at the welding (as seen earlier today in the photie above), still weilds the stilsons like Conner MacLeod with his katana. Christ, he even swears better than us.

I’m praying the genes have been passed on.

5 thoughts on “69 years young”

  1. Sparks…Beth likes sparks! So much Fun… my preciousss. :-)

    You going to teach Holly to weld?

  2. She’d be better than me, I’ll tell you. Welding, either doing or watching, sends me to slep for some reason.

    Here, my customers don’t read this do they?

  3. They might do! You never know who’s watching.

    Welding is great. It forces me to relax as I can’t weld all tensed up – anyone for ‘welding therapy’? I blame my Dad… he taught my sis to keep her motorbikes going, and me cars. ‘Cept I couldn’t afford anything any good so they were all falling apart. So he suggested, I think in frustration and jest, I should buy a Land Rover – been welding the chassis on the darn things ever since!

  4. My uncle, while overseeing repairs to his ship/boat, went effectively blind for several days after spending too much time with the welders. Forgot to wear goggles. Daft bugger never did that again.

  5. Jimmy and I have both had welding flashes (mostly self inflicted, not getting the helmet down in time etc). The pain is quite indescribable, and as you say, no vision. It has made me much more cautious in recent times.

    You’re right about relaxing Beth, you have to to make it flow. I like gas welding more than stick or TIG, it feels more organic.
    I don’t do enough of this stuff these days.

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