6(6)6 Happy Birthday to a URL

Year #7 starting as it means to go on? You can’t see the wind in the photie, but when I smile this morning my face is as tight as a drum. Happy days.


5 thoughts on “6(6)6 Happy Birthday to a URL”

  1. Thank you both. It’s been quiet on here the past few months, so much going on elsewhere, physically, geographically and philosophically, now I’m in the mood it’ll be nice to get this place back to what it should be, full of life and as far from the mainstream as I can get it.

    Also, many words and photies from the above trip coming shortly :o)

  2. Happy Birthday, even if I’m late as usual :-)

    I’m really behind in my reading but I’ll eventually catch up, I’m just glad that you’re keeping it up. Looking forward to reading you for 6 more years (at least ;-)

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