Familiar view

Can’t even remember where I got this. Arrochar before the big blocks were stuck up the side of Narnain, nae trees on the hillsides either.

A pier with boats instead of angling ne’erdowells.


Have you read the signs in the carpark at the bottom of the Cobbler/ Narnain track? 

  • Please keep your windows rolled up and your hands inside the car at all times.

  • Do not feed the locals.

  • Parking charges are all of your money, no change.

  • Do not smile, it is not our custom and may offend.

  • Don’t ask too many questions, we don’t like your kind ’round here.

  • Welcome to Scotland, ye’ll have had your tea?

Bastards. Saw some poor sod get a ticket at 1755, the carparking is free at 1800. Mind you, you can park there for three months for the same cost as just looking for a space in Ambleside. The Lakes are carparking armagedon.

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