42 (forty-two) is the natural number following 41 and preceding 43

Douglas Adams said it was the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”, but it really does feel like it’s all questions.
Fox Mulder lived in apartment No42 to give it a little mystery, Monty Python’s “How Not to be Seen” sketch is presented as “H.M. Government Public Service film No. 42”  (a personal favourite) to bring a smile,
In fact, Wikipedia paints a grand picture of what feels like a very dull number to be wearing for the next year. However, I shall wear it as well as I can, often at a jaunty angle, and most likely accessorized with some gaudy colour or other.

23 thoughts on “42 (forty-two) is the natural number following 41 and preceding 43”

  1. Congratulations. I’m a couple of weeks away from 40 – and feel like I’m slowly falling apart. Wrecked both my achilles doing the Great Glen Way in a day earlier this year followed by the LAMM a few weeks later. Only just about getting back to running now. It seems that as you get older the legs won’t take the same abuse without throwing a wobbly.

  2. “The glyph, or character, corresponding to the number 42 in the ASCII character set, is *, the asterisk, commonly known as the wildcard character.”

    So you have been for many years “PTC’42′”

  3. Enjoy – the next year will be as good as you make it. Which, given what you usually get up to, should be really rather good I’d say…

  4. Have a toply trimmed day fella! Get them ladies running around after you, pots of tea and Wham bars! Maybe the odd pastry or two.

    Turned 42 myself just after a mahoosive RTA, couldn’t walk more than a few feet without stopping and was told I wouldn’t work as a decorator again. Pah! One Doc actually told me that at my age, I was going to struggle to regain any quality of life… then I was diagnosed with Acromegaly, caused by a benign tumour in my brain, 42 was actually quite a hard year I guess. HOWEVER…

    This last year, my 44/45 period I’ve done the Cuillin Ridge, the Welsh 3000s twice in 15 days, more surgery on the arm but that’s let me lead climb a 6a indoor… age is nothing but a number, but a magic number all the same. 42 was the making of me…

    So have a cracking year Pete! And I hope everyone has a cracking hols an’ all!


  5. 42 was two years ago for me ,I can’t really remember much of it ,so it must have been a good un.

    Happy birthday, enjoy.

  6. Happy Birthday young ‘un!

    I too remember thinking of myself as the answer to life, the universe and everything when I was 42 – great minds think alike, or is it the other one …

    Here’s to the next 42 adventures on here, and beyond

  7. Bless you good people.

    Having a number applied to yourself is both irrelevant and defining isn’t it?
    I wish us all well, whatever our number.

    Finally, my asterisk is relevant.

  8. … I think I can remember that far back … Have a good one from me, too.

    And as for “42, 21, 33, who cares” … that must be a formidable/scary figure 8(

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