Due to a change of circumstances this ’97 blog is now for sale.

  • It comes with high mileage on the clock from constant use on the A82 by one haphazard owner
  • A boot full of dog eared outdoor kit, will suit a “size large” when holding belly in for photies
  • Purple seat covers and orange paintwork
  • Cassette deck music system, jammed on metal, a bit like the motor in “Christine” 
  • Will need some work: footwell is full of old Greggs wrappers and empty Irn Bru bottles, will need new tyres as the current ones are bound to wear out really quickly just because they’re “lightweight”
  • Windows are tinted, rose tinted in fact
  • Good fuel economy, 125g of gas per trip
  • Mechanically reasonable, although wear and tear on the older driver is apparently high
  • Has cup holders every six inches around the interior
  • Will hurt your eyes if looked at for more than 90 seconds due to entirely unreasonable contrast

Bidding for this fine used vehicle will close at 1200hrs on April 1st, bids open at 3 denarii.
We invite both tyre kickers and serious investors in miscellaneous bric-a-brac to ignore this opportunity to purchase with extreme prejudice.