£3000 for new eyebrows

I was coming home from the studio and the sun was setting behind the Luss hills. I drove straight past home to the shores of Loch Lomond to watch the last rays flutter dimly against the scattered cloud.
What a glorious night. I could just about hear the ducks quacking half heartedly at me and each other over the ringing in my ears.

9 thoughts on “£3000 for new eyebrows”

  1. Aye it was a grand night last night. I was stuck in repairing a dishwasher, when I finished I popped out into the garden for some fresh air, looked over at Ben Ledi and sighed the deep sigh of a man who made the wrong choice for evening activities.

  2. Aye, we came out of the studio the back of 9 and it was just clear and golden above.
    Ach, you can’t have it all.

  3. aembleton, it is indeed, I never take it for granted either, it’s always a joy.

    gypsymac, like most of the post titles it’s something that someone said or I came across during the day and stuck in the machinery.
    But yes, that’s what new eyebrows cost. I declined the offer.

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