Thirty years ago, the three of us played our somewhat doomy metal in every toilet in the central belt as well as in some of the nice venues too. We all went on our separate life paths after a few years of this and after a few fleeting coincidental meetings we ended up in a rehearsal room nearly ten years ago with a view of doing “something”. This was short lived, big upheavals in our personal lives shut that down and there was radio silence for a long time.

I kept in comms with Stevie and we both ended up playing in The Violet Signs. It was before the gig TVS did back in February I fired a flare into the digital darkness to see if Davy would spot it and come and hang out with us for the evening. He did.
Comms were reestablished and banter ensued, nights out in town with the three of us were arranged and enjoyed. The subject of playing music again just never came up, not by avoidance, it just didn’t. I had my pals, that’s plenty.

However, after a few drinks at the most recent get together the “what if” was suddenly right there and I couldn’t duck it. It’s hard to describe why this can be awkward, music is hard work if you’re creating it from nothing, it relies on skill and application, inspiration that may or may not arrive, it’s investment from your heart and soul too so it can all be deeply and unreasonably personal. Share those various elements amongst a group of people and it’s a potential minefield of problems with artistic differences (it’s a real thing, not just an excuse to dump a band member that you read about) and personality clashes. I had my pals, we were having laughs, I didn’t want to ruin it. Again.

But when everyone is older, wiser, open and honest, that makes anything possible.
With a little prep time we got back in a rehearsal room and what a glorious noise it was.

There no real agenda, no pressure, maybe we’ll do some stuff that folk can hear. Time will tell.

On a separate personal note, I can’t tell you the joy I have at hitting the guitar and hearing “me” coming out of the amp again.
After so long of pulling back, toning down, understating, being listener friendly and “oh, don’t use too much gain” I am now detuned, turned up, fuzzed out and my grin is wide.

Home to stay.

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