13 hours

I do tend to go off at a tangent, here’s a wee change.

Joycee, where the aftersun? I can’t feel my bottom lip…

11 thoughts on “13 hours”

  1. Were you up on the Ben, Petesy? We had a cracking day out on there yesterday, and I have quality Panda eyes and burnt lips too.. Oops!

    Met a nice bloke bananapancake.co.uk as well who was away to camp out just West of the Carn Mor Dearg summit, looked like a good spot.

  2. Aye. Was out for 6 hours and 16 mile yesterday, in the wilds of the Ayrshire & Galloway. Ended up with a face like a skelpt erse. Happy Days.

  3. 13 hours?? No wonder you got sun burned if the sun was out all day like the photies show!

    I assume the length of time on the hill was due to your walking buddy??

    Brilliant photies and I hope the lip sorts itself out soon :-)

  4. Looks like a great day oot. I’ll be up there in three weeks, and will be praying for weather like that. I only managed a couple of hours out on the road bike yesterday, crossed the border – into Ayrshire that is. Fooking cold though considering a month ago the whole country was wearing t-shirts.

  5. Ocht! I’m as jealous as hell!

    I spent the weekend blowing 13 years of dust out of my PC and spent the weekend rebuilding it into a new case with new power supply and Hard drives etc :-(

    The only walking I did was around the garden whilst holding a lead…god Nellie’s second lot of jags cannae come quick enough!

    How did the Fri meet go guys? I trust coffee was drunk and cake was eaten but was any shiny new kit purchased?

  6. Still can’t feel my bottom lip.

    Some day though, a lot of folks out there catching it too which is great to see. And now? Cloud.

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