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One again I’m sitting here at the last minute, ankle deep in bank statements doing absolutely anything other than actually filling in the blanks on my online tax return.
I looked in the cupboard to see if Moira Stewart was going to give me some words of encouragement, but all I found was biscuits. That’s probably a win then.

The (bastard) banks are phasing out cheques as you know, and I foresee something the (bastard) bankers may not have, or have and don’t care for mentioning. As a business I accept all forms of payment except credit and debit cards, I have used PayPal on occasion, BACS is simple, cheques are easy and help book-keeping and of course there’s cash.
Now small businesses dealing with the public, joiners, electricians etc almost always get paid by cheque or cash, few of us have swipe machines in our vans for cards, and not many punters want to set up an electronic payment account for getting their heating fixed.
So when cheques are dead, unless the banks are going to hand out card readers and drop any charges associated with accepting that form of payment, it’ll be cash for all. In fact, how many businesses will go all cash? Suddenly they’re paying for materials as well as getting paid in cash, and within a couple of years we’ve got a black economy where the money is untraceable and self employed people are dropping off the tax radar in their thousands.
It’s going to be as funny as hell when the government had to fund the poor (bastard) banks panicked reintroduction of cheques to save the economy. Again.

I dunno, is it time for a revolution yet?

15 thoughts on “1% Progress”

  1. How about just writing a bill? Can’t be that difficult.

    On another, related note, I hope that soon the technology of paying with your cellphone will be embraced by the banks, that would be a step in the right direction. Oh, and I want an app for managing my bank account as well =)

  2. The banks get us in a recession and then rip us off. Then they make money from lending the money we the tax payer gave them and give themselves a big bonus for lending our money out. Now they say that it is a high skill job. You ask for money and they do a check and based on a credit score they say yes or no. Hard work that. Dealing with cheques is too hard most likely for them. In the past they did it fine. I wonder why not know. Don’t we the tax payer own them ? can’t we demand they keep cheques ?

    As for tax it is what it is. Unavoidable and one last point. That is rather a good photo. Where, when, time, and what settings ? I will get my coat.

  3. With the money laudering laws as well now if you do deposit large amounts of cash in your account Big brother will be watching along with the police. Cheques are not old school and should still be valid until someone has thought the bigger picture through, and viable/workable alternatives are in place. But you know that won’t happen here as we are controlled by incompetent non-entities, with the practicality of retarded chimps.

  4. Brothers and Sisters, let as march together!

    Hendrik, if everybody signed up for PayPal, we could do all our financial dealing by phone. Customers could by by mobile phone and you coula have a cup of tea while you wait for the receipt to come through to your phone.

    Martin, that’s Loch Venacher again from last Saturday, with Ben Venue at the far right. The ripples are from Holly throwing a stone :o)
    It’s the LX3 on “Sunset” with a wide angle setting, it really brings out the colours. I love my wee camera!

  5. 1% Progress? – sounds like a normal working day to me!

    As for “… and within a couple of years we’ve got a black economy where the money is untraceable and self employed people are dropping off the tax radar in their thousands.”

    – you know that what the goverment will actually do then is just make cash digitally traceable – pretty soon, the taxman will be able to point a handheld device at your matress and tell you exactly how much dosh your hiding under it and in what denominations.

  6. GPS money? We won’t need SPoT trackers or Personal Locator Beacons, just some loose change and the helicopters will find you…

    Tax Return now 100%. I’ll check it again in the morning and file it.

  7. Here in Finland they haven’t used cheques for 20 years and everyone seems to manage ok. They find it highly amusing that in Britain we still do. Every taxi for example has a mobile card reader, so I guess that is one way to go.

    Having said that, they are only just getting around to chip’n’pin. Normally you can sign anything and they never even look at it!

  8. BTW, are you still impressed with your merino buff? I got one at Xmas party on your recommendation and partly due to Andy Kirkpatrick recommending wool for a face covering. I’ve been using it loads since ice climbing and out about in the Finnish winter and haven’t been very impressed. I will write a blog post about it soon on my blog – but don’t you find it goes saggy when damp from your breath?

  9. Aye, all the single skin Buffs do that for me. Last night I had a damp and frozen patch in front of my mouth at various times!
    In the temperatures you’re at how about Chocolate Fish’s Tuara? It’s double thickness and holds it’s shape much better.

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