© BBC/Terry Nation 1963

Me and Holly were having one of our occasional midweek galavants and ended up in the Braehead shopping monster as a midpoint to meet Joycee.
We ended up in Marks, where I did not look at the mens clothes, and the wee yin made a beeline for the dressing up corner where there was the biggest surprise in the world ever waiting for us all.
So, in a breathy wummins voice; It’s not just a Dalek Costume, it’s an M&S Dalek Costume.
There was exterminating til bedtime.

9 thoughts on “© BBC/Terry Nation 1963”

  1. A little bit of Event and it could be a jacket and bivvy in one, with headtorch, stove and litter picker built in. Any side headlights could add even more atmospherics to your great night photos. Keep up the good work, some great outings you’ve described recently.

  2. It is like a mini bivi, like a pied d’elephant all you’d need is a down jacket to keep your arms warm :o)

    There’s been a few good trips of late, quite happy here!

  3. Funny, when I saw the title of this entry my immediate response was ‘Blake’s Seven’ :-)))

  4. Call me sad, but I always wanted to build an ‘orac’. A plastic lunchbox full of flashing lights and a speech synthesizer had a certain bizarre appeal…

  5. I liked his voice, he was a whiny know-it-all :o)
    All the Blake’s 7 design stuff was kinda original, Orac, Zen, The Liberator, even the guns on cables.

    No, I’m not going to amazon now…

  6. It’s “my time” the 70s. Had a quiet couple of hours with Monster Of Peladon today. Ah, they should bring back the Ice Warriors.

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